Our Professional Auto Collision Repair Shop

Our Modern Facility Provides a Warm Inviting Atmosphere for Clients and an Auto Body Recycle Center for Parts

“You’ll feel special…”

         You’ll feel it the moment you drive into our parking lot.  The exterior is finished with stone & stucco, a bench to sit on and flower gardens at the entrance.

         You’ll feel it the moment you walk through our front door.  Soft light, warm colors and soothing music put you at ease.

         You feel like our staff cares about you.  Because they do.  They listen, they understand.  Those troubles of yours begin to vaporize.  

         You may not be able to see the next difference.  But it may be one of the most important reasons to choose Professional Auto Body and Frame.  It has to do with protecting the environment.  We recycle the vast majority of the components we replace on your vehicle.  Plastic bumpers are sent to a reconditioning plant.  Steel, aluminum and tires are sent to a recycling center.  So is waste oil and antifreeze.  It doesn’t stop there.  The cardboard your new parts are shipped in is recycled as well as the office paper generated during the repair process.  Even the newspapers and magazines you read in our lobby are recycled!

         You feel special, because Pro Auto is special.  It’s as simple as that.